About Us

Wintry was started by a group of friends who fell in love with filmmaking. We pride ourselves on our ability to tell unique stories, capture cinematic images and shape our clients’ visions through film. Though our team is seemingly small, our award winning productions have given us the opportunity to work with companies of all shapes and sizes.

Eric Bridenstine

Creative Director

Eric has been making films since he was able to hold a camera. From stop-motion graphics made in MS Paint to creating memorable, hilarious content for the Charlotte Checkers (and everything in between, of course). Eric is one of the most creative minds we know. He lives in Charlotte with his wife Katherine, son Taylor, daughter Everette and Doug the dog.

Erica Skinner

Art Director

With a design background and an insatiable desire to organize and de-clutter all things, Erica is a solid team player. She wears many hats in the production process and has helped bring our new brand to life. Erica lives in Charlotte with Ben and their two cats, Steve and Eva.


Executive Vice President of Canine Relations – North America

Doug is probably the cutest member of the team and has more energy than all of us put together. You can usually find him chewing on a toy that you’re destined to step on later…or chasing a feline.

Ben Carter

Director of Photography

Ben’s path from musician to photographer to filmmaker has been an incredible one to witness. When he found his love for film he never looked back. He takes every opportunity to learn and do something better than he did the first time. He lives in Charlotte with Steve and Eva too.